How to Vet a Real Estate Agent: Questions to Ask Your Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agent

With increasing demand for real estate properties in Sunshine Coast, Noosa, there is an increasing number of real estate agents. Chances are you already know one in your professional network. You can also get referrals from your family members, colleagues and friends. Or still you can use some tools in the internet, such as agent directories, to find a good real estate Sunshine Coast agent.

While it’s easy to find a real estate agent, finding a reputable and professional agent is not that easy. Keep in mind that the industry is filled with wannabes who are out there simply for the money. You need to be wary of such. When you have identified two or three potential real estate Sunshine Coast agents, take them through a vetting process. This is to determine whether they have the right qualifications for the job and whether they can be trusted with your financial matters. As you interview them, make sure you ask all the questions below.

Are you licensed?

Your real estate agent must be licensed. Transactions handled by unlicensed agents are usually invalid. So, ask to see the agent’s license, or even better check with the local real estate board. With the license you can be rest assured that the agent has completed the real estate course and passed all the necessary tests. An agent may have additional accreditations and designations which mean he has attained special training in areas such as working with commercial clients, buyers, sellers and land purchases among others.

For how many years have you been working in the real estate industry?

A fresh graduate will bring in all the up-to-date knowledge, but someone who’s stayed longer in the industry will bring in practical experience. Much is learnt through experience when it comes to selling and buying of real estate properties. An experienced agent knows the ins and outs of the real estate Sunshine Coast properties. He knows what will work for you and what won’t.

Is this your full time job?

It is best to work with a full-time real estate agent. An active real estate agent is more likely to be updated with the current developments in the market and the law. For instance, he is mostly likely aware of all the properties and land for sale Sunshine Coast is currently offering. A part-timer might be distracted with his other obligations and not give your transaction the attention it deserves.

How well do you know the area?

An agent who has many years of experience yet new in the real estate Noosa industry, might not be the best choice. You want someone who knows the local market well. Someone who understands the markets trends, like the average time taken to sell a home in Noosa. A local real estate agent will easily identify a property for sale Sunshine Coast is offering because he knows all the properties in the region. It is much easier to buy or sell a property with a local agent than an external one.  For more information, just visit us at

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