Platinum Engagement Rings for Making the Engagement Special

An engagement ring is not just a piece of shining jewelry; it is an authentication of love and assurance of a couple. In fact, the woman who bears the same is engaged to be married to the man who has given her the ring. Basically, a man presents any of the platinum engagement rings to his loved one as an affiance gift. This is the way of telling everybody that he has promised to marry that person.

There is a question that in which finger the ring should be worn. This actually depends upon the traditions of different countries. There are several countries in the world where they should slip the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, whereas in few countries, they wear it on the right hand. There are also some traditions maintained by the old aged members of the family and one has to wear the ring as per their rituals.

Where to wear the Ring

There are so many customs and traditions, which decide the finger on which the engagement ring should be worn. The most popular tradition of wearing the engagement ring is in the fourth-finger of the left hand. It was believed that the vein in this finger connects with the heart. This vein is also called as vein of love. And it is well known that heart and love are synonymous.

The residents in some countries believe that the left side of a person represents the negative side. So they do not want to wear the engagement ring onto the left side. They always wear it on the right hand as they believe that engagement is a positive occasion of a person.

There are also some religious reasons where the couples wear their rings on their right hands until the marriage ceremony completes and after that they wear the same on their left hand after marriage ceremony. And in some places, it is totally opposite. Thus, where one will wear the ring depends upon the local traditions of the particular country.

The Engagement Ring and the Wedding Ring

Basically, an engagement ring is given as a commitment of marriage, whether a wedding ring is given while marriage ceremony is going on. So, engagement ring starts the promise of being together and wedding ring ties two souls to be together forever. The most common etiquette of wearing both the engagement ring and wedding ring is on the left hand. In most cases, the bride wears the engagement ring before marriage on her left hand and while going for the wedding, she shifts the same to her right hand so that she can wear the wedding ring on her left hand. After completion of all rituals, she can again shift the engagement ring to her left hand. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Marriage is the most vital decision of your life, and choosing any of the perfect platinum engagement rings is another most important one. Here, not only a good-looking and costly platinum ring always matters, your decision also matters. There are different unusual methods used by people to give the engagement ring to their love and propose. However, when it comes from the heart, everything is right and perfect.

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