These Tips Will Help Your Copier Last Longer

Copiers are the workhorses of many workplaces. Almost every sector uses them. We see them in banks, security sector, healthcare, and more. When you buy a copier, you want it to last longer so it provides you with a dependable service that is value for money. However, copiers are also prone to breakdowns due to various reasons, which can slow down their performance. If your copier breaks down, you need services of qualified technicians to repair it. For example, if you are in Sydney and its suburbs, you can rely on companies for photocopier repairs in Sydney.

photocopier repairs in Sydney

On your part as the owner, you need to observe some tips to help you give your machine longer life. Well, companies for photocopier repairs in Sydney can do their part to handle possible breakdowns. All the same, you need to support your machine by observing important maintenance tips:

Store the copier in a good location

The space in which you store your copier can make a difference in its life and function. For instance, dusty and high-traffic areas can generate considerable amount of dust that can find its way into the machine and affect its performance. Experts suggest that you store the machine away from direct sunlight and heat. In addition, avoid dusty areas.

Choose a safe, cool, and dry place for the machine and you can avoid several problems with its performance. If, in case it develops a bigger problem, you can consult reliable specialists for photocopier repairs in Sydney.

Pay attention to the warning light

When the light blinks, it is a warning that you should replace toner and ink. Many users disregard the warning because the machine can still produce good-looking copies. Experts for photocopier repairs in Sydney advise that you should replace toner and ink as soon as the light comes on. Based on the internal structure of the machine, failure to replace toner and ink on time can lead to wearing of the developer, which in turn affects the drum.

Keep the paper in the right temperature

Especially if your office space is humid, you need to mind your paper storage. When moisture finds its way into the copier, it can affect its performance. You can avoid this by storing your papers in a dry place, away from humid areas. You can remove the paper when you need it and this lowers the risk of problems due to moisture.

Immediate paper-jam fixing

If you cannot fix paper jams yourself, you can consult experts in photocopier repairs. Technicians from reliable repair centers know the best way to handle your machine when it has problems such as paper jams. Leaving the jam in place for an extended period can allow it to accumulate moisture and dust, which eventually finds its way into the machine. After removing the jam, apply pressure cleaner to remove every bit of paper that may have been stuck inside the machine.

Regular maintenance on Mondays

After a whole weekend of dormancy, you should perform a 2-minute maintenance program to warm up the machine. Remove the previous papers from the tray and replace them with dry leaves. These are just maintenance tips to help increase the length of your machine. However, when the problems persist, you can consult experts in photocopier repairs Sydney has to offer. Check out Gom

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